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Want to know how film sets work?

Look no further than this jam-packed one day intensive!

EVERYTHING YOU've ever wanted to to know about set;

But were too afraid to ask 



October 12th, 2019



Mornell Studios

1385 English St NW, Suite A

Atlanta, GA 30318


$500 VALUE at ONLY


Think you know everything you need to know about set, but aren't sure? DOn't Worry, there's A


If at the end of the intensive, you did not learn anything new, I will give you your money back!* 

What you'll Learn!

In this one day, jam-packed in person intensive, you will learn Everything you ever wanted to know about SET; but were too afraid to ask! Including;

  1. What separates those who succeed on set from those who don't.

  2. Why you rarely hear terms like "close-up" or "medium shot", and what numbers and phrases to listen for instead.

  3. Common mis-steps actors take on sets, often without knowing it.

  4. All the set jargon you would ever want to know!

  5. How to understand and make sense of the crazy and constantly changing schedules on most shoots.

  6. What every crew member's job is and how to recognize who's who!

  7. The method behind the hurry up and wait madness.

  8. How to identify, avoid, and solve any issue that might arise on set for an actor in a way that any crew member would be delighted to work with you again!

  9. And much, much, more...


Bonus! You will get a one of a kind, not available anywhere else, take home 60 page booklet with accurate descriptions of all the crew positions, set terms, examples of all the set scheduling documents, descriptions of lenses and shot sizes, and anything else you might want or need to look up after our intensive together!


Hannah Bliss Carlton.jpg

Hannah Bliss Carlton

(from Legacies)

I have worked on set as a stand-in and photo double for over six years. From Marvel to CW. I always had to rely on myself for learning set terms. I thought I knew almost everything but there were so many important missing pieces. April’s “Everything you ever wanted to know about SET” class was a godsend. I can’t stress how invaluable the information was to me. I left with a complete picture and information I had always wanted but was too shy to ask for. April is a wonderful teacher! 

Michelle Civile.jpg

Michelle Civile

(from The Resident)

I thought I knew enough about being on set and what goes on but boy was I surprised when I took April’s intensive!! I had no idea how much more there was to learn that I DIDN’T know! April’s class was not only educational, fun and eye opening but it made me fall in love with movie making all over again!! EVERY actor, novice or veteran SHOULD take this intensive. You won’t be sorry. 

Annie Goode.jpeg

Annie Goode

(from dozens of commercials) 

Thank goodness for April’s class: Everything you ever wanted to know about SET. I am more confident and prepared for my upcoming bookings. The information is provided in an open, encouraging environment with activities that are both informative and fun. I will be referring to my class materials for years to come. 


And on top of it all, April is incredibly kind and passionate about acting. She has the experience and credits to stand behind her knowledge, and she is readily it sharing with us! Get in this class people! 

About your teacher

AprilB 149 RET smaller_edited.jpg

As an award-winning film actress and graduate of one of the most prestigious film production schools in the nation, April Billingsley is uniquely qualified to teach Everything you ever wanted to know about SET to up-and-coming actors of all ages. April knows the “ins and outs” and “why’s” of a set, having both produced and performed many on set positions from camera operator to boom operator and everything in between. Whether it is your first or 50th time on set, it is her mission to give you the knowledge and confidence to stand out as a skilled professional.

Recently hired by Pinewood Studio's to teach their staff about the workings of set, April has been teaching on-camera acting and coaching auditions for actors of all ages for more than ten years. She holds a BFA from Florida State University Film School, and two Best Actress awards from film festivals for her title role in “The 12 Lives of Sissy Carlyle”. You may recognize her from the star-studded cast of “Last Vegas” where she played a supporting role opposite Oscar winners Kevin Kline, Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas, Robert DeNiro, and Mary Steenburgen; or from her recurring role in the ABC show “Resurrection”. She has also appeared in “The Walking Dead”, “The Mentalist”, “The Vampire Diaries”, “Constantine”, “Satisfaction”, and “Drop Dead Diva” along with numerous commercials. Look for her on screen next as she helms the mysterious psychological thriller, “The Dark Red” directed by Dan Bush.

As one of the founding members of the Atlanta based non-profit, “Act for a Change”, April has a passion for uplifting the community. And as such, the overreaching goal of this workshop is for fewer of our talent to be edited out, and for more of our talent to be upgraded to larger and recurring roles.

Imagine an amazing day the next time you are on set. you will understand the crew. You will know what to pay attention to and what to ignore. and you'll be better equipped to take that next big step in your acting career!

If you missed it, for an EXCLUSIVE discount today only, join our mailing list!

*You cannot get a refund and keep your materials. If you paid via a service like Paypal that took out a fee on my end, I will refund you minus that fee. If I can't reuse the main booklet because of notes or folding, I will take out an additional $20 to replace the booklet. Refund will be contingent on the initial quiz being answered perfectly and on you demonstrating extensive set knowledge that will be questioned and evaluated throughout the intensive.

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