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Acting Coach

Hi Lovelies!


With over 15 years of experience, I offer on camera audition coaching for all ages, as well as pre-set filming coaching, on set coaching for studios, and coaching for newer actors looking to level up their performance skills.


In working with actors of all ages, I like to focus on finding humanity and specificity in the work. A life long learner and actor myself, I am always growing and learning both on my own and from my students. In my classes, I pull from a lot of different techniques from Chubbuck to Meisner to Krakower to Alexander and more.


I love:

  • Sharing techniques and tools to help actors dive deeper into living the full truth of dramatic emotional scenes

  • Working with students on finding truth and contrast in comedy for those laugh out loud moments

  • Helping actors find an in to connect to and become challenging characters

  • Sorting how to tape auditions with difficult stage directions

  • Helping actors make sense of and perform generally confusing scenes and auditions

  •  Helping actors identify and break through their blocks 

  • Working with actors on how to healthily get into and out of deeper emotional states

  • Helping actors learn to breakdown scripts and how to honor the writing while still bringing their unique selves and perspectives to each role

I teach both in person and virtually. I have created and taught multiple unique curriculums. I am currently teaching, have taught, or will be teaching soon:

Emotional Access (six week in person and virtual class taught at Drama Inc. in Atlanta)

Craft, Camera, and Career Ongoing (in person class for advanced students)

Acting the Action (4 week in person class on adjusting physicality in scripts for self tapes)

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Set (two day intensive workshop)

Private Coaching Rate: $150/hr

Private coaching prerequisite: Must be auditioning regularly, or have previously taken one of my workshops or classes. 

On Set Coaching Rate: Please Contact for more information

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